"...Lucas-Perry commands our     attention as a dominant sexual force as Lady Bellaston."

reviews off broadway

"The entire cast is excellent, both funny and well voiced. However, a particular call out has to go to Crystal Lucas-Perry who can sing, saunter and connive with the best of them."

"...another wonderful character, Lady Bellaston (Crystal Lucas-Perry), the lustful woman in whom Tom has met his match. Lady Bellaston's big number, "Have Another Oyster, Dear," gets big laughs as Lucas-Perry seduces and nearly devours a waif-like footman played by McGloin."

   "...Fans will get a kick out of  Crystal Lucas-Perry as Lady Bellaston.

   "Crystal Lucas-Perry transforms from a stiff-as-a-board mannequin  to the sultry Lady Bellaston, with curves that don't stop and a voice that doesn't falter." 

   "All of the actors bring their delightful characters to life, but Crystal Lucas-Perry and Matthew McGloin stand out. Perhaps it's the sheer number of characters each of them plays, or perhaps the extreme differences of each of those characters, but their depth of commitment never wavers. The two of them have an extremely memorable number when the audience meets Lucas-Perry as Lady Bellaston. She dazzles the audience with her poise, vocal cords, and comedic timing." 

"Staged with few frills, it relies mainly on the talents of its diverse and impressive cast of nine, which includes Elena Wang as Tom’s virtuous love and Crystal Lucas-Perry as a rich and insatiable femme fatale. (Both sing tremendously well.)."

"You should run to see this show now. Run now, before you have to go on a waitlist to see it on Broadway where it will surely find a deserving, long term home."

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